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Superior Beard Care Products - Not only did my order arrive fast but it actually works! Before my beard was dry and sad no shine no magic just face hair. After a week the breakage went down ( when ya comb your beard and got all the hair on ya shirt) and the shine and bounce was on point! Definitely recommend to barbers and beard enthusiasts!!!

Andrew R.

I have been using Nugrowth for over a month and I can notice the difference. My beard has grown in evenly and stays smooth and soft. The most important thing is the compliments I receive from women. They love it. Experience it for yourself and give it a try.

Gary D.

This was my first time using any type of beard care product. My wife often complained about how rough the hair on my face was. Immediately on the first use, I could tell a difference in texture. It is softer, smoother, and easier to shape and train my goatee into the shape that I want. Easy to work in, comb through, and no flaking residuals, even adds a bit of a shine to it.

Leland S.
NuGrowth™ | We make it easier for You to GROW a Thicker Beard | Our Beard Care Treatments & Skin Conditioners have 100% Natural Softeners & Moisturizers | Our Products contain the Best Beard Oils for African American Men | Black Veteran Owned Grooming Co.

Growing a beard should be easy...